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Parenting Is a Process

Tonight, my four year old said she didn't want to live with me anymore. Tonight, my four year old picked her new family, said she'd pack her toys and that she'd be ok to go live with her friends. Tonight, my four year old proved that kids are hurtful and cruel and not capable of… Continue reading Parenting Is a Process

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The Christen Family

A couple weeks ago, I returned home after spending nearly a month at my in-laws' home in Wyoming. The night before I left, though, I got to get out of the small town and spend the Golden Hours with the Christen family near historic Fort Steele. Eerily similar to ours, with 3 small children, extraordinarily… Continue reading The Christen Family

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For Love of Ladybugs

A couple of months ago, I began researching tactics we could use to help our backyard trees look a little more alive. For the last few years, they have begun to lose leaves and develop huge bubbles of "sap." If my completely unprofessional, Google research is any indication, we have a scale infestation. Tree scale,… Continue reading For Love of Ladybugs

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Family Fall Mini Sessions

If you suddenly realized that Thanksgiving is two weeks away and Christmas is soon after, and if you suddenly realized you wanted to get family pictures done for Christmas cards or gifts, have I got news for you! (Does anyone else hear the Veggie Tales song right now?!) This year, on November 24/25 (Black Friday… Continue reading Family Fall Mini Sessions